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  • Propagating Dumb Cane
    Hey all!
    I had a hard time IDing this plant as it was a gift and it did well for the first few months but as it got quite cold almost all of the leafs fell off. I'm now left with mostly stems, two of which have a single leaf. Do you have any tips for propagating this plant from stems or tips so that it creates more off shoots?
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      Viridian E Update!! Its growing little nubs my guess is its going to be ok!!
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      Pei I think you might want to nurse the plant back to health before propagation. Dumb cane aka Aglonema is relatively a easy medium to low light plant. Give it some times and love-keep it in a spot that’s above 50F-and it should be fine :)
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      Stacey I actually almost killed mine once, it was in the front seat of our car on the floor between my son't feet when we were moving. I had to slam on the brakes to avoid a downed motorcycle, and the Dumb Cane stem was sheared in half when it slid under the dashboard. I was upset about losing the plant, and with hope I just stuck it into the pot when I got it home and it took root and is doing well to this day. You can just pop the stem into the soil!
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