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  • Plant for Bathroom!
    hi friends! <br><br>I have ave a master shower that is the height of my ceiling. At the top is a cute little box window that I’d love to put something in. I would love something trailing but I’m not sure how well a pothos would do with that high of humidity. <br><br>Any suggestions? It would literally be in my shower but away from and water or soap or shampoo. About 10 feet up! 
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      Jam Y8 I also recommend pothos still! That's my go to plant for bathrooms. The vines NEVER look bad on tiles :'( I'm crying just thinking about it
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      Pei some philodendron might also be a good options! They like high humidity too.
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      Courtney Stroot Ferns! Why didn’t I think of that! You guys are great. Thanks!
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