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  • Birdsnest Silver Snake Plant
    HI there. I recently brought home a Birdsnest Silver Snake Plant (aka: Mother In Law's Tongue?) and the tips of the leaves are brown and crispy. Not enough water? Too warm? I had it on top of a bookshelf in our living room that we heat with a wood stove. I thought it got too hot or dried out? I put it next to the other one on a table under the window. The second one seems to be doing fine. Thank you in advance, Stacey<br>
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      Pei I think it’s the dry heat that sucked out all the water. Snake plants are super easy and resilient though. Give it sometime and it will bounce back surely!
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      Erin I think the dry heat from the wood stove could be the culprit. Now that you moved it, I'd keep an eye out and see if the new growth has less browning.
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      Nicole Not sure if this is the answer, but I think tap water can make the tips brown. Try letting your water sit out for 24 hours so the chemicals can evaporate before giving it to your plant.
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