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  • Watermelon pep is deformed 😳
    Hi everyone! I bought this plant over the summer and it’s growing, but the leaves are cupped and deformed.  I read this could be a nutrient deficiency, so a couple of months ago I gave it new soil/pot and fertilizer specifically with calcium and magnesium.  I also gave it more light, moving it a couple of feet back from a south facing glass door, partially protected by a larger plant.  New growth since these changes is still deformed! Any advice?
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      Nicole Thank you Paris!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Nicole! While nutrient deficiencies can cause these symptoms, distorted new growth can also be caused if the plant experiences periods of dryness for too long. Therefor, try making sure you water the plant as soon as the it dries out completely! I would prune any damaged leaf edges back to shape to enhance the appearance so you can monitor its health overtime. As for the cupping this is usually caused if those leaves are either exposed to a lot of light, or not enough!
  • Snake plant help
    Does anyone know why my snake plant get's these brown slits and marks?  I thought maybe it was damaged from when I moved, but even the new growth has it... Could it be a watering issue?
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      Pei It was most likely damaged from when you move. It could also be it's slightly underwatered :)
  • Is this fungus? 😬
    This is my lady palm. I ordered online and foolishly did so just before the polar vortex in January. I’m not sure if the spots are related to traveling in the cold, or if it’s more to worry about? 
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      Erin Hey Nicole! Hard to tell by the photos if it's cold damage or a pest / fungal infection. Before putting it too close to your other plants- I'd recommend giving its leaves a good wipe down with soapy water.
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      Nicole Here’s another pic