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  • Dry, droopy tree
    <span>My westringia topiary is droopy and very dry. It’s near a south facing window, but I can’t figure out the best watering regimen. Always kept it moist or let it dry out? I’m worried all the leaves will be gone before I get it right!</span>
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      Janine G That is a neat plant. Aren't they usually grown outside as shrubs? I read up on them and it says they need BRIGHT SUN. I think it needs to be IN a South facing window or very close.... It also needs good draining soil. Regular soil may not cut it. It also should be kept on the drier side. I would get it IN sun. How long have you had this plant? When was the last time it was repotted in a fresh mix?
  • Help for Ficus Audrey
    Less than a week after I got this, 5 leaves dropped. Four more look like they will follow. Is this stress from shipping? Is the plant sick? 
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      Erin Where did you get it? I've been looking for a ficus audrey! They're gorgeous.
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      Pei Ficus, in general, are not the easiest plants to deal with. They are SUPER temperamental!

      There could be many reasons why they dropped the leaves. But how do you care for it though? how long have you had it? They do tend to drop few leaves when moved but should perk right up in about 1 week or so (with the proper care!).
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  • new monstera deliciosa!
    Got this from a small plant seller in NYC that delivers. It’s just gorgeous! 
  • Which type of pothos?
    I got this at Home Depot for $4! Do you think it’s pearls and jade? Manjula? 
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      dekadaye thank you all for helping me identify this ! home depot/costa farms labeled it pearls and jade, but after looking at pictures online, i knew that couldnt be correct. i didnt think it was marble because a few of the leaves are so white!

      anyway, i'm very happy with my marble pothos. it wasnt in the best shape when i found it - very back of the shelf and very dry. i'm hoping it puts out a new leave soon so i know it's okay.
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      Kahlia Shearer Definitely looks like a Marble! Very pretty!
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      Erin Such a beauty!
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  • Sad Fiddle Leaf Fig
    The leaves are often droopy. Two have these brown patches. It’s in a south-facing window, watered every 3-4 weeks because the pot is deep, and I don’t want to over water it. <br><br>Any suggestions? 
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      PlntNrd That’s way too long to let a fiddle go without water. They need to be watered when just the top surface becomes dry to the touch. They do not like soil to be totally dried out or to be dry for long periods of time. Those brown patches are from underwatering. Depending on the size of your pot and the type of soil you should probably be watering about every 7 days. But like I said, the best way to know, is when the top surface of the soil feels dry, don’t let it dry an inch or more down, then water it thoroughly until it comes out the drainage hole. These also like a lot of humidity, so you may need to raise humidity levels around it, but dry brown spots starting at the edges of fiddle leaves are tell tale signs of underwatering. Since you have been underwatering it, you can’t just suddenly give it a bunch of water. You need to give a little more every time you water it until you get to the right amount. That way, you get it used to more water slowly.
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      Pei Hey [291093,dekadaye], how much water do you give it each time? South facing widow is perfect for Fiddle and 3-4 week watering schedule is ok too, IMO. But you might want to aim up the amount of water a bit!
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