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  • Sad fern!
    My fern is looking super sad all of a sudden. I noticed some leaves were crunchy so I gave it more water. It also looks a little droopy. I’ve had this fern for a little over a year or maybe just about a year and until now it has been a happy green fern. Please help!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Idalia! If you haven't repotted the plant with fresh soil in a year then it could be a nutrient deficiency. Otherwise it could be due to over watering. I'd recommend removing any dead plant material. Repot the plant if it needs it. Ensure it's getting plenty of light, and you allow about half the soil to dry out between waterings. If the plant is placed in a low light area then I'd allow the soil to dry out between waterings. It should be able to bounce back for you!
  • Fernando the fern
    Hi all, <br>I just got my Bird’s Nest Fern in today and when I arrived I noticed the delivery man put my fern upside down on the porch. I was so nervous it would be a mess but luckily it isn’t. But I do have a question, since this is my first fern, does it look ok? Should I be doing anything the next few days to make sure Fernando is good? I did water it. Thanks in advance!!! 
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      abcactus He looks amazing! Be sure to watch out for wilting because this can be a sign of underwatering the plant, I experienced this when I first got mine from TheSill and it took me a hot second to figure out what I was doing wrong.
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      Lizzie Fernando looks great! I mist mine pretty frequently. I highly recommend getting a spray bottle if you don't have one yet! He will be very happy.
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      Pei Fernando looks great (considering it was upside down 😑!).
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  • Dry spots/holes
    Hello everyone!<br>I’ve been noticing some dry spots and holes is some of the leaves in my Philodendron. Should I be concerned, or caring for the issue in a certain way? Or just keep making sure it has water and sun? Any advice would be great! Thank you 🤗
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      Pei It looks like cosmetic damaged to me. Nothing to worry about!
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      Idalia [291073,Janine G] I water it about once a week and it gets indirect sunlight
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      Janine G How often are you watering this plant? What light does it get?
  • Plant Care
    Hi all!<br>I had a question about plant care. I know that you should wait for the soil to be dry before watering again. I did this and then watered my plant, and it seemed like the water just went through the drainage whole. What should I do at this point?<br>I was reading that when that happens it could mean that the soil was too dry and that it may not absorb the water. But, should I let it soak up? I am not sure what to do from here in terms of making sure the water is being absorbed in the soil so that my plant get the water it needs. <br>Thanks in advance!! :) <br>
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      Paris Lalicata Sometimes just aerating the soil with a pencil/stick of some sorts can help the soil absorb the water when it becomes too try. I would aerate it and give it a good soak and see if that helps!
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      PlntNrd If you notice that water seems to just flowing out of pot, rather than being absorbed, it’s possible that the soil has become so desiccated it can’t hold the water your trying to give your Philo. When you see this happening, fill a bowl with water and set the pot inside, allowing it to soak. If you have a vessel greater than, or equal to, the size of your pot, dunk your pot almost to the lip, but not allowing the water to flow over the soil. Hold it there for a few mins allowing the soil to soak up as much as it wants. Place pot on a plate, towel, etc to allow excess water to drain before putting it back in its home. If you only have a small/shallow bowl, fill with water and place pot in middle. Leave the pot there to soak up water for extended period of time. Some people allow 30 mins- 1 hr, while some allow all day. I let it soak up as much as it needs until the top of soil becomes wet looking, not a specific amount of time. You may need to refill the bowl more than once. Once the soil is sufficiently soaked, drain on a plate or towel, as described above.
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      jenna Totally true that the water will run right thru if it’s too dry. It’s like a sponge. It takes a bit of moisture to get started. @Pei is right about watering. And philodendron will tell you when they are really thirsty by drooping. Drastically if they are very thirsty. But don’t worry, they are incredibly forgiving, so just give a big drink and they will perk back up. And as with all plants, underwatering a bit is better than overwatering. :)
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  • Plant ID and care
    Hello! <br>Does anyone know what kind of plant this is? As well as how to care for it.<br>I got it a little over a year ago and it seems to have dried up. I know watering it would be the obvious answer but when I water it, it almost seems like it grows white mold? I’m not sure. Any advice 🤗
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      Erin Looks like a Zebra Haworthia! These plants are succulent (they're drought tolerant and like it dry) so they shouldn't be potted with moss, which holds water in. That might be where the mold is coming from. Is it possible to remove the moss and then water it? Keep in a sunny window :)
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  • Henry
    I am so excited about taking on plant parenthood and just wanted to share my Philodendron. His name is Henry. I can’t wait to get more plant babies!