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  • Begonia Pavonina Care Information
    I bought this beautiful peacock begonia . I know it's a high maintenance plant but don't find much care information online. Any information you can share will be greatly appreciated. She is quiet expensive and gorgeous. Thanks.
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      Erin What a beauty! I don't have any personal experience with this plant - aside from it being on my wish list ;)
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      Pei WHAT A BEAUTY!! I have a love-hate relationship with Begonia. They are such a beautiful family, but somewhat finicky. In general, Begonia prefers bright indirect light (a few hours of morning sun is ok too). I found east or north facing window work the best. You want to water it thoroughly and make sure the soil dries out about 1" to 2" deep before you water it again. In addition, begonia likes high humidity. But DO NOT mist it as the leaves get fungal infections very easily. I will suggest to group plants together or invest in a humidifier. Hope this helps :)
  • Curling Pilea
    My Pilea's top leaves are curling/cupping. I have her under a grow light 12 hours a day. Is it too much light?
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      Pei It's quite normal for new growth to curling like that with Pilea! Other than that, I'd say you want to bump up the water (either frequency or amount) a bit. Hope that helps :)
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      Enid Hernandez Thanks. I always water her from the top every 7 days. What I did this time was water her from the bottom. Let her sit in a bowl of water until she was done drinking. The leaves are perking up again and uncurling. Yay!
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      Sarah How much are you watering it currently? When you do water it are you testing the soil to see how dry it is?
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    These white stuff keep coming back. I clean my plant with alcohol almost every other day and these keeps coming back. I dont want to give up on my goldfish plant. What is it? What's the best way to ELIMINATE them? Please help me safe my plant :)
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      Megan Sangimino Good luck!!
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      karen sanchez Hello my orchid had a bad case. Mixed Dawn Detergent with a little water put in spray bottle,,let it sit a bit then wash with water isolate the little guy till cured
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      Pei :( oh no!

      My guess is you have not been treating the plant thoroughly. I would repeat the alcohol treatment, but make sure you get EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. After the alcohol wipe, I would also hose the plant down with water. Good luck!!!
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  • Who am I?
    What cactus is this? Will it flower?
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      PlntNrd Sometimes it very hard to tell the exact species or cultivar of a cactus or succulent without actually seeing the flower. That said, yes, if given the proper/optimal conditions, it will flower and I think this might be either a Pachycereus or Pilosocereus.
  • Droopy Birds Nest Bern
    Is she dying? She is so droopy.
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      Pei [291209,Enid Hernandez] It's SUPER thirsty :( In general you want to keep the soil consistantly moist!
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      cortney is it getting enough water? they like to be kept humid and moist but not soaking or wet
  • Rubber Tree?
    Hello plant lovers. Is this a ficus elastica? What are those yellow dotted growths; flowers or leaves? Thanks!
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      PlntNrd You probably thought it was a rubber tree, because they are sometimes called “Baby rubber plant”. I’m not totally convinced it’s an Obtusifolia. The plant in the blue pot that you can see in the mirror definitely looks like an Obtusifolia, but the one in question’s leaves are more tear drop shaped and slightly thinner. This looks more like a Peperomia Magnoliifolia to me, but I could be wrong.
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      Kyle That is a flowering peperomia. Looks happy!
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