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    Hi there!<br><br>My name’s Gracie and I’m a new plantaholic. I got my first houseplant (in my current collection) last October, and have been building my plant collection ever since. These are just a few of my babies! I’ve learned a LOT the last few months and can now say with confidence that I have a decent green thumb! I’m here to share my plants with you guys and to help with troubleshooting, identification, etc!<br><br>Happy to be here! 🌱🤸🏼‍♀️<br>-Gracie-
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      Janine G So I typed this huge reply and it disappeared!!!! Basically I water violets 2x a week. I water on the soil. I literally soak the entire top of the soil... make a puddle. Then stop. I mean the entire top of the dirt. Do that twice a week with water NOT fresh from the tap. They light bright light and can tolerate a little bit of direct sun. If you see yellow spots on the leaves, that is sunburn.

      If you see any little new leaf sprouts coming from anywhere but the center of the plant, nip them off. You can try to sprout them in water or soil, I never had luck with that. You can mist them occasionally, and I touch the leaves and rub them and tell them how BEAUTIFUL they are! Talk to them... I even have a song I made up and I sing to them... Everybody looks GOOD , Everbody looks GREAT!!!!! They like that. HA.. I'm insane.

      When their "neck" gets long they have to be trimmed down. Sometimes I have success with that, sometimes not. My MIL puts a baggie over them when she trims them and does this little incubator thing. At my house it's survival of the fittest!!!! That goes for people, too! :)

      Rotate them around in the light.. try to keep them growing straight in their pot. I don't think they are hard to grow at all. Sometimes they are just old and they die off ….like us! I have a little tiny one that I bought that way, I got my MIL one too. Hers looks ROUGH. Has like 5 leaves on it. Mine looks exactly like it did from day one. WOOOOT!!!

      I don't really have great luck with Fern type plants. I have a Birds Nest fern... has some dry tips.... anything that likes real humidity, I struggle to keep them looking good. So that is my advice!!
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      Janine G I counted this weekend and I have 71 plants. 22 of those are African violets and then a crazy mix of just whatever ! I need to stay out of plant stores and home improvement stores "sad plant" sections. I am also trying to propagate succulents right now. I broke out the old Aerogarden this weekend. I am using the light part to try to get these succulent sprouts moving. I also rescued another violet that was sad. I trimmed it down and found it had another plant growing UNDER the soil! It was a little tiny violet plant about one inch high and wide. How does that happen? I cleaned it off and planted it in a little pot. Let's see what happens.
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      Vil The fiddle fig😍😍..
      Beautiful plants
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