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  • Zebra Plant Propagation Tips
    Hey all! I've had this zebra plant for a few years and over the past six months or so it's been growing several "pups." However, I'm struggling to figure out whether it's time to try to remove the pups and grow them as separate plants. The pups aren't growing arial roots or anything like that, they just keep getting bigger and bigger. Any tips are much appreciated!
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      PlntNrd You need to wait until these are big enough to have their own root system and make sure you get some of those roots when you cut them off. If they don’t have any roots attached, there’s a good chance they won’t survive.
  • Sad Snake Plant Revival Tips
    <span>Hey guys! Last weekend I received a snake plant laurentii from The Sill (yay!). However, it apparently had a very rough journey because it arrived with broken leaves and one leaf in particular that's rapidly browning/crinkling (boo!). Mainly, I am wondering what to do about the angry brown leaf as I wait for the poor thing to revive. Should I leave it as is, remove the brown part, or remove the whole leaf? The plant also has new growth and otherwise seems like it will bounce back, so I don't want to ruin its chances at revival. It arrived with pretty damp soil, so I'm holding off on watering it until the soil dries out. I've got it in indirect light to the side of a west-facing window. Thanks in advance!</span>
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      Pei [291266,Stephanie] I think you can trim the browning part. And give it two weeks or more to see if it progresses! Usually plants don't like to travel, especially in extreme weather. So give it some times to bounce back is a great idea :)