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  • What causes brown patches on plant (rubber tree)?
    I recently purchased a 6 inch ficus/Rubber Tree plant from thesill, and waited until the soil was completely dry to repot it in a spare 6 inch clay pot, and also to water it.<br><br>The plant is quite bushy and lovely, but I was observing it (mostly to take progress shots of a new leaf) and saw the pictured leaf with a brown patch. I really can't tell if the leaf has looked like that since it arrived or if it happened recently, but I did a though examination and my other leaves are fine.<b> Although it's</b><b> the only leaf that looks like this, I'm curious if this under or over watering, lighting (I use a grow light b/c low light winter) or something else. </b>What do you think?
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      Latoya I ended up inspecting the roots and moving the portion of the plant that had the discolored/falling leaves to their own pot. It eventually died but the rest of the plant is doing well. I let the plant dry out enough until one of the leaves slightly curl and then give it a full watering. That is usually once every 5 days,if the light isn't too intense.
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      PlntNrd Ficus don’t like to completely dry out. This brown area may have been caused by allowing the plant to become too dry. It’s also possible that it could from the stress of moving and having to adjust to a new home. It’s you see your ficus is actively growing, don’t let the soil dry out. Water when the top surface of soil feels just dry to the touch. They like water, humidity, medium to bright indirect light, and warm temps.
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      Pei It could also be just an again leaf! As long as the plant looks healthy over all and still putting out new growths, it is fine!
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