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  • Spider Mite Treatment
    Hello,<br>Two of my plants have been discovered to have spider mites so I was wondering if anyone has any holy grail treatment options to get rid of them. I've washed the plants, cut off the leaves of one that is very rough and has probably had them for awhile, and both are quarantined. <span id="_wysihtml5-undo" class="_wysihtml5-temp"></span>
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      Pei Hi [291379,Alyssa Rogers] I have the same battle! My Aralia has spider mites the whole winter :(

      From my research, spider mites usually occur when the environment is too dry and there's too much dust accumulate on the leaves. There are some plants are suseptable to mites, such as Aralia, Palm, Fiddle leave and Rubber plant (same family), and etc.

      My understanding is that you can either apply Neem or insecticide once or twice a week, but it usually takes a while too completely get rid of them!

      Those suckers 😡
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      Plants_Armstrong I also found spider mites on 2 of my plants this past weekend. One was a rubber tree that wasn't exhibiting major signs, and the other was a very small english ivy I had just purchased.

      I sprayed both down with a neem oil solution after reading that was a good non-toxic option. Now just waiting to see how it goes. I feel like I caught the rubber plant in time, but I fear the ivy might not survive.

      My understanding is that it can take a week or two where you spray with neem oil once a week and then daily try to wipe down the leaves with a separate solution of water and a tiny bit of dish soap to not only ensure you're getting them all but also to make sure you get any that may hatch along the way.

      I wish you luck! If I remember, I will post back progress.
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  • Fittonias (aka last show and tell post until I start buying more plats again in ...
    Hello,<br>The last photo to share my collection (its hard to take a photo of all of them together and its easy to separate them by types) The red variety is the first plant I ever bought and started the obsession. I got him from my local plant nursery and he's much happier than his pot appears. My white variety I got from the grocery store and he's gotten so tall and is in my only decorative pot. 
  • Enough Prayer Plants to share
    Hello,<br>I've finally had good lighting to gather together my three prayer plants to take a nice picture of them to share. One I ordered from houseplantshop on etsy (the yellow/white vein variety... I forgot what exactly they call it) and the other large red one I got from my local grocery story very over-watered (my guilty obsession is grocery store plants I know aren't doing well lol.) The small red prayer plant hiding next to them I got from my local nursery. I was someone who was more into smaller plants when I first got these and they have slowly crept and took over. Crazy how big they can get when they are happy!
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      Celia Skelton I'm so jealous! Mine isn't looking so hot. Maybe I should try misting...
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      Pei they are SO happy [291379,Alyssa Rogers]! I had poor luck with Calathea. They often get leggy on me which i know it's from not getting enough light :(

      what other plants do you have? Curious to know if they are all this happy!
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      Erin Wow these are gorgeous! Do you do anything extra to keep humidity high? I don't see crispy tips - so jealous.
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  • Happy Calathea Babies
    Hello,<br>Anyone else out there love calatheas and struggle to not buy every single kind??? The next on my list are ornata (pinstripe) and white fusion. My local nursery always has a million pinstripes, but I ran out of room on my plant shelf and am on a no buy until spring.
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      Paris Lalicata So beautiful!!
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      Jam Y8 Wow your calatheas look amazing! congratulations!! I'm still a little intimidated by them. Maybe one day! :P
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      PlntNrd Wow!!! Your Calatheas look very healthy and happy in your home. If you look through this, and any other, plant forum, you’ll see lots of posts about browning, dry leaves, and various other issues with fussy Calatheas. You should be very proud of how happy and stunning yours look. Really beautiful!!!
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  • Sad little rubber tree
    <img alt=""><img alt=""><img alt=""><img alt=""><img alt="">Hello,<br>After long stalking the rubber trees on the sill and not getting them for fear that my Michigan Winters wouldn't provide them with enough light, I found a $4 one at my local grocery store and decided to give it a try. I will attach a photo below of how it looked when I first purchased it. It was very dry, needed a good leaf wipe down, and getting a little root bound to the 3 inch nursery pot it was in but seemed overall happy. It was fine for a couple days then I switched it the bigger pot it is in now (granted the pot is very big, my nursery was out of 4in so I opted for the 6in) and the leaves quickly started to brown and drop. The new leaves on it are still opening up and I'll include a picture of that below as well. I'm not sure if the new leaves are completely happy, it seems to be a little scarred on the top. I don't know if it was the shock of a new pot/home in general, lack of water/how dry it was at the grocery store, or just because it was a cheap plant. Let me know how you guys care for your rubber trees and what you think it was. Also have you guys had luck with cheap plants not from nurseries?<br><span>-Alyssa </span>
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      Jam Y8 I agree the old leaves look like cold damage. But the fact that you have new leaves coming out is super promising!
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      jenna It looks like a few things could be happening. On the way home from the grocery store, it may have gotten some cold damage. It’s also possible that you are underwatering it. Rubber trees like very bright light to full sun, and to dry out in between big drinks of water. The reason I say possible underwatering is that the soil level in the pot looks high and it’s hard to properly water this way. I know this from experience. Maybe remove an inch of dirt and once a week, water to the lip, let soak in, do it again, and any excess water toss out of the plate. I hope that this helps. And don’t worry if the old leaves fall off. It looks like they may. As long as the new leaves are happy, your plant is on the right track. :)
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      Alyssa Rogers Scars on the new leaf
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