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  • Troublesome Philodendron Propagation
    Hi All! I recently propagated some philodendron clipping and transplanted them into a nice little planter. Some of the leaves are feeling kind of flimsy and curling a bit, but there's still new growth coming in regardless. I've been watering it every weekend just a bit, is it possible it's either under or overwatering? Any help is appreciated!
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      PlntNrd It definitely looks like it needs more water. When propagating most plants, you need to keep them constantly moist. I often water well and then place in a ziplock bag when propagating. That ensures lost of humidity and prevents the soil from completely drying out. I have a small greenhouse with a bunch of lights, but if you pick a spots with bright indirect light, that should be sufficient. You don’t have to use the plastic bag method, but you should keep the soil from completely drying out when propagating. They plant is trying to put out new roots and needs to keep hydrated, otherwise they just dry up. You can also tell by the leaves on your Brasil Philo that it needs more moisture. When philodendrons are they thirsty, they tend to curl under and feel/appear flimsy, like you’re seeing.
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      jenna hi there. Some plants go into shock when they go from water life to dirt life. It looks like you are underwatering. Probably once a week, or every ten days, water until it comes out of the bottom of the pot. If it’s super dry, your pot will feel physically quite light, and the water will run through quickly. If that happens, water it once more so that the soil can stay a bit saturated. It’s like a sponge, ya know. Water it again when the top 2” of the soil is dry. Or if the pot feel really light to pick up. If you can pinch a bit of soil and water comes out of it, or it feels muddy at all wait to water. :)
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      Kirsten Thompson Hi Clarissa! A couple questions: Have you noticed any yellowing of any of the leaves, despite the new growth? Also, do you have it placed in bright/direct sunlight? You can definitely adjust the watering schedule to see how that helps - maybe go 10 days or so, sticking your finger in the soil to make sure the top inch + is dry, before watering again.