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  • someone help
    im not a huge succulent person, so i have no idea what’s wrong with it. what am i doing wrong?
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      PlntNrd Its over watered. You can see that it’s overwatered by looking at the lower leaves. That bottom leaf in the forefront is yellow/almost translucent. That is from too much water. It also looks like, rather than being etiolated, it has lost leaves making it appear as there is lots of space on the stem between leaves. The top looks like it has some rot issues from overwatering too.
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      Pei looks like it's not getting enough sun!
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      Erin I'd move to bright direct light (if it's not in a spot that receives that light already), and remove the rocks from the top. Those rocks can help potting mix hold in moisture - which is something a succulent definitely doesn't need. It likes it dry!
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  • what is this plant?
    ive had this plant for a while and i don’t know what it is called
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      Pei Yup my vote is a Gasteria succulent too. It's very similar to Aloes and you want to give it 5-6 hours direct light and water twice a month. The leaves would look wrinkly, like your hands in the water for too long, when it's thirsty!
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      Erin Looks like a Gasteria succulent, but not positive which variety! Very similar to aloes and haworthia. Loves bright direct light and not a lot of water.
  • what is this?
    it says tropical plant but i’m not sure what that is 
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      Pei Neon Pothos!! Super easy and forgiving if you tend to underwater plants (like me!). haha
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      Katie It's a pothos! A very easy going houseplant!
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      Anika sorry, what type of tropical plant it is
  • What is this?
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      PaulLHo That is a begonia!
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      Erin Beautiful begonia!
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      jenna Begonia :) They like bright light, a snug pot with good drainage, not to totally dry out, and most importantly, high humidity.
  • what is this?
    i got this plant a while ago and i’m not sure what it is or how to take care of it. can somebody please tell me what it is?