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  • Pilea help please
    Trying to figure out why my leaves are curling. It gets moderate sun and I water only when the soil is dry. Could it use more sun? More water?
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      Erin Agree with below! For new, immature foliage- the curling can be natural. If it continues are the leaves mature, I'd give it more bright direct light and more frequent waterings to match.
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      dekadaye That's how they look when first blooming, but it could be not enough water. Pilea's love bright light and to be watered weekly in the sunny months.
  • New babies
    I've just inherited two African violets. Do you guys have any care tips for them?
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      PlntNrd I totally agree with Janine. These need to be majorly thinned out. I would pull them out of their pots to do this and, while removing lower leaves, look closely for suckers. With those being so overgrown, they both probably have multiple suckers, which will drain all of their energy and prevent them from flowering robustly.
      Also, do not get water on their leaves, ever. Most water AV’s from below to make sure the leaves never get wet. They are also easily prone to rot, so you should actually allow the top of the soil to dry out in between waterings, rather than keeping constantly moist. Just allow the top to dry out though, not the entire thing. If you touch the top of soil and it’s dry, go ahead and water. While repotting, make sure you have a light and porous mix to put them back in.
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      jenna They like to stay consistently moist so.... I would take them out of the terra cotta pots and replant them in an african violet pot. :)
      These plants have specific planters made just for them. They have two parts, one larger pot that you will with water, then a smaller pot the plant goes in. The smaller plants sit into the larger one, and slowly absorbs water from the outside. Look them up, It’s the easiest way to keep them happy, and these planters are great for ferns as well. You could sit the terra cotta into a bowl of water too, but the violet pots don’t have a drainage hole so they don’t overdrink.

      Good luck :)
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      Pei They look super happy 🤗
      I read that in general they dont to be dry out completely!
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