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  • Black spots on new monstera leaves
    I've been rooting my monstera vines in water the past few weeks. They've been doing well, growing lots of new roots and was excited to see new leaves coming up until I saw two out of the three had black spots on them. They haven't even uncurled yet. I've changed out the water every few days with room temperature filtered water and kept them in bright indirect light. What's going on??

    more photos on the link:
  • Monstera root rot?
    I took my monstera out tonight to repot because it hasn’t been doing well and Was having a problem with gnats. I suspected it might be root rot, since the pot didn’t have drainage holes and it was one of the first plants I owned and was a naive new plant parent. I cut off some of the roots I thought were rotted, but weren’t sure if the rest were still ok or also had started to rot. If they’re ok should I try to root them in water first so they can grow back a little more before reporting? More photos are on the link.
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      Pei [291828,Nicole Regan] i would place it in the soil directly again. Plants adopt their roots with different medium (water roots vs soil roots) and I think it might be too much work for it now 😅
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      Pei hmmm... I am torn! From the photos, some looked healthy (white roots) and some were slightly rotted (black roots)... were the roots soft and mushy to touch? [291828,Nicole Regan]
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  • Monsterra Woes
    I got a Monsterra from The Sill right before Christmas this year. Since it's started to put out some new leaves, but some of the older leaves have just gotten in worse and worse shape. Brown spots keep appearing on some leaves and other marks that look almost like the leaf is getting physically roughed around but nothing has really touched or bumped them. One small leaf at the bottom has brown and yellow spots.

    More photos uploaded to the link:

    On the link I also included a photo of the window I keep him in. I put him in the corner so he's out of the direct rays on days it's really sunny out, but on overcast ones, I'll push him out of the corner to get more sun.

    The plant had fungus gnats when it came in the mail, so I put up sticky traps and put mosquito bits on top of the soil before watering. The pot it came in didn't have drainage holes, so I am nervous I overwatered when I first got it (which probably didn't help the gnat situation). I have only watered twice (maaybe three times) since getting it in December, but my soil hygrometer says the soil is still pretty moist/wet. 

    Is there something wrong that's making the original leaves go downhill? Should I re-pot it in case the soil is too moist despite not watering or to help with the gnat problem? Should I cut off the leaves that appear damaged, or are they not damaged enough to warrant that? 

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      PlntNrd Looking through your pics, I’m not seeing any fungal issues. The little leaf that is yellow and brown is from overwatering. Unfortunately, with The Sills pots not having drainage holes, it’s very easy to overwater. Even with charcoal and/or other drainage aids, you have to be very careful. When I water my plants from The Sill, I give them very small sips of water, I don’t even wet the whole top surface, and then I don’t water again until I know it needs it. You can not soak plants that are not in pots with drainage holes. The water ha nowhere to go, so it just sits there and rots. Definitely repot your Monstera so you can get it in to clean, fresh, dry soil. If you’re worried about overwatering in the future, put it in a pot with drainage holes (or you could try drilling holes in that one, but I know from experience The Sill glazed both sides and they’re crazy hard to drill in to). Monsteras are tropical plants so they like humidity. Brown spots and little cracks or holes (not the fenestrations) are usually due to low, or lack of, humidity. You could try using a humidity tray or humidifier to raise humidity levels. They also don’t like direct sun on their leaves, they live on jungle floors with a lots of other plants/trees above them filtering out direct sunlight, so medium to bright filtered/indirect light is best.
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      Elana I recommend repotting but I also think the spots could be from a fungal infection if you get water on the leaves. You should remove the leaves with the brown so it doesn’t spread and make sure not to get water on the leaves in the future.
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      Pei Hey [291828,Nicole Regan] I would repot it just to get a piece of mind for sure. Plus you can get a better idea of the root healty. It sounded to me your plant is healthy though. Usually older leaves will deteriorate over time—like browning and yellowing, and droopy—which is totally normal. As long as it is still putting out new growths you plant is fine. Also, it's ok to put your Monstera in front of the window. IMO they like bright direct light, which stimulate the holes and splittings. Good luckkk!
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