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  • Snake plant - please halp!
    This snake plant is turning yellow for some reason. Does anyone have any care tips or suggestions? It is typically kept in the shade in my bedroom. <br><br>Do I just need to repot this? 
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      Nicole It looks like it may have been over-watered....I'd take it out of the pot and see if the roots are rotted. Pull off any mushy, unhealthy roots and put it in a new pot. Then fingers crossed!
      Snake plants like to be dry- Water maybe every 2-3 weeks, even less in the winter. They can tolerate low light but will grow better in bright indirect light.
  • Sad silver pothos
    Please halp. This silver pothos has been doing very poorly, along with the other pothos in my house. I haven’t watered in a week and a half. What can I do? This one is usually in a place that gets indirect sunlight, is it too bright or should I give more light? Any ideas? 
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      Tawny M Leste-Carlson Does the container have drainage holes? If it doesnt, you're watering when the top is dry, but the roots are sitting in water thats accumulated in the bottom, and it's starting to suffer from root rot.
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      Erin Is the potting mix bone dry? If so, I'd recommend removing the yellow leaves, and giving it a good soak. I water my silver philodendron (Scindapsus pictus) every ~10-12 days, and it's in moderate indirect light.
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      Pei I actually think it's the watering inconsistency ? maybe it was left dry for too long?
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