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  • HELP :(
    My beautiful Alocasia Frydek starter to turn to yellow. I don't know what I'm doing wrong :(<br><br><span>It has only two leaves and the other one is completely perfect.</span>
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      Pei What a beauty!!! I’m a sucker for all alocasia. They are so unique, but painfully finicky sometimes.

      How much sun and water does it get?
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      Erin Alocasias are funny because their leaves can yellow if they've been overwatered OR underwatered/low humidity, go figure! Because it also has slightly brown tips my guess would be underwatered and low humidity.

      I have an alocasia polly at home whose leaves start to yellow like clockwork. The one saving grace though is it always seems to bounce back! Not the leaf, that yellows and eventually I cut it off, but the plant itself. I've cut it back many times to 1 leaf or only a stem, and after a month or two, a new leaf appears.
  • What I am? :(
    Hi everyone!<br><br>I need to know what plant is this to take good care of it.<br><br>Can somebody help me? :)<br><br>Thanks!
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      Pei looks like a Anthurium Hookeri waves of love to me. They are super cool. Where did you score this beauty? I haven't seen this in NYC at all. [292137,Kellyn]
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  • What plant is this?
    Hi Everybody!<br><br>I just bought this beautiful plant and I need to know what exactly is to take good care of it.<br><br>Can somebody help me?<br><br>Thanks!
  • What I Am?
    Hi everyone!  <br>Does somebody know what plant this is? :)  <br>Thank you!
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      Pei you are a stunning Alocasia Frydek. I love them (all the alocasia family) but they are so finicky :( Good luck!!
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      PlntNrd This is an Alocasia Frydek.
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      Hilary Johnston Hi Kellyn - this looks like an Alocasia Polly! A beautiful one at that.
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  • Cheap and beautiful planters
    Hi Everyone!<br><br>I'm very new in this world of plants and I'm loving it!. I'm very excited about buying some plants and learning about their care but, I have been struggling to try to find cheap and cute planters. I would love to hear recommendations from you guys!<br><br>Thank you :)
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      Nicole TJ Maxx and Homegoods always have cheap cute planters!
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      Pei Many thrift stores also sometimes have surprisingly good quality planters! I scored a few of my favorites like that :) please share your planters if you do find something!
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      Passepartout I found a number of nice planters at Big Lots, of all places - about $25 for a 10" planter, on down to $8 or so for a 6".
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