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  • Spots on Anthurium
    My Anthurium has these spots where it has lost color and dried out. I don't think it's because it's too dry. Maybe water quality or too much sun. Any ideas?
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      PlntNrd Yeah, I’m thinking it’s got to do with low humidity (unless you’re providing extra). These are tropical plants and need somewhat tropical conditions which means excess humidity. If you don’t have a humidifier near by, have it on a home made humidity tray, and don’t spritz it every day to couple of days, I would try, at least, one of those things. Rather than distilled water, you might instead try spring water. Distilled is totally pure and doesn’t have any minerals added (which houseplants appreciate).
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      Jenny Zhou I've moved it a foot or so away from the window last week. No new dried spots so far, fingers-crossed. If that doesn't work, I'll try distilled water. Let me know how things go!
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      MALINDA Mine is doing the same thing. I'm going to see if it's the humidity. O have it in bright indirect light in a well draining soil mix. I might also switch to distilled water.
  • Pilea growing spots
    My pilea is growing tiny white spots on the underside of the leaf. The spots are very uniformed and can be picked off by gently scrapping at it. Is this mold? Fungus?
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      PlntNrd Those are stomata and are completely normal. They are basically plant pores and are necessary for proper health. Don’t worry about them, just let them be.