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  • What’s wrong?
    This pothos neon is pretty new to our home! My roommate got it and originally put it right in a window sill. Does it seem sunburned to anyone else? Any other ideas about what’s wrong or how to help it? We have since moved it to a spot that gets much less direct light :)
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      Pei Hey @brooke, yea it looks like it got burned a bit for sure. I suggest to remove the damaged leaves as it won't heal back unfortunately!
  • What is this??
    Anyone know what kind of plant this is? It was only labeled by as “houseplant.”<br><br>thank you!!
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      Pei It's a dieffenbachia, AKA dumb cane!
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      Erin Agreed, looks like a dieffenbachia!
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      Nate Dieffenbachia?
  • Pothos question!
    I have a seemingly healthy pothos that has been growing really well for a long time! The longest fine has been losing leaves for the past month or so. They turn yellow and then fall off. There have been a couple leaves in the base of the pot doing the same, the the long vine is the only one losing leaves! All the other vines look totally normal. <br><br>Does this mean its time to prune? I’m thinking about cutting that vine up and re planting them in the pot. <br><br>Usually the long branch isn’t hanging like that, it’s usually in the shade. It used to be in the sun but then I rotated it. 
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      Erin Hey Brooke! When was this potted? I'd recommend either pruning this babe (and you could always propagate what you prune - helpful link below) or repotting into a pot about 1-2 inches larger in diameter :)
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      Pei How much water and sun does it get usually? [292855,Brooke]
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