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  • Money plant leaking liquid
    what does this mean?
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      Plants_Armstrong Agree with others. Although - and I may be wrong - I don't know this necessarily means you are overwatering in the sense that you are doing something wrong. My understanding is that when you water your plant, if there is more water available than it needs, it will exude that water through the leaves, but that isn't necessarily 'bad.'

      I have a pothos that will do this every time I water it - which is probably once every 2-3 weeks - and it is by far the most robust plant I have.

      Would be interested if someone else knows otherwise, but to me this seems okay based on my experience. Again, assuming you aren't overwatering in the sense that you are watering it too often vs. watering it very thoroughly when you do water it.
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      Jeremy - The Horticultural Society I agree with Pei, though just checking that the fluid is not sticky to the touch, which can be a sign of scale insects (Probably this is not the case judging by the photo)
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      Oliver Thank u so much!
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  • What’s the name?
    And how to take care (lighting, water, etc)...thanks in advance!
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      Pei Hi [293388,Oliver], it's a Tradescantia zebrina, AKA wandering jew. They like bright indirect to semi full sun environment. If provided the right light, you want to water it once a week or once every 10 days. Always make sure the soil is dry to touch about 1 inch to 2 inch down. Hope this helps!