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  • Is there enough light in my house for plants?
    I have a skylight and a glass cube window that gets a bit of light inside my house. With both of these, I can tell what time of day it is but I'm not sure how much actual light that's good for plants will come in. I attached a photo of what my house looks like in the morning without any of the other lights on—it gets a bit brighter depending on the day but this is about how much light I usually get.

    Which plants would survive well here? Is my only hope to put the plants underneath the skylight, or could I put them in other parts of my house? Thanks!
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      Pei Your place looks pretty dark to me! I would stick to low light plants and put them as close to the light source as possible. ZZ plant, pothos, snake plants are good options to consider!
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  • What to do with these succulents?
    Hi all, a friend gave me a pot of these succulents and I really like how they look! However, I have no idea how to care of them or what to watch out for, and I'm worried about possibly over/underwatering them.

    Could anyone tell me what kind of succulents these are, and what to expect as time goes on?
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      Pei [293438,Stephen] i think it's up to you. Some people like it full and spill out of the planter look, some people don't :) Also, succulent roots are usually shallow so it's ok to have many in a same pot.
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      PlntNrd Here’s s pic of one of mine and you can see I like them crowded. I squished as many as I could in this pot and it’s been flourishing for a long time.
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      Pei Hi @stephen it's a mix of assorted Echeveria, Haworthia, and possibly a Jade (in the back). Succulent care is all the same - lots of sun (6 hours of direct sun if possible) and water once every 10 days.

      Make sure the soil is completely dry out between waterings. Also you want to fully saturate the soil by soaking the plant for about 10 mins and dump out any excess water. Hope this helps!
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