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  • Tineke Rubber Plant concerns — any advice?
    Hello!<br><br><div>I just got this Tineke Rubber Plant from The Sill, and it looked exactly like this when I bought it. I’m wondering if these brown spots are burns from the sun? Because it’s watered plenty. I also just added a pebble tray to it in the event it needs more humidity in my super dry apartment. But I wanted to check and see if these brown spots are something else so I can address it before it’s too late if it’s something more serious.</div>
  • Monstera seems to have a disease, help identify?
    Hello,<br><br>I just purchased a new monstera about a month ago, and just recently noticed that the bottom, smaller leaves began turning yellow. Upon further inspection, I noticed many small black spots on the leaf as well (both top and underside). As I look at the additional lower leaves, there are some green ones that have the same black spots but are not yellow. I worry that there’s is a disease  spreading and need advice how to fix before it’s too late!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Chelsea! Would you be able to share a photo of the entire plant, as well as the leaves that also have these black spots but no yellowing?
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  • Dracaena Marginata needs some help!
    Hello,<br><br>We have an office Dracaena Marginata plant that was not doing too well recently. However, we repotted him, and put him in an undisturbed place where he can get a lot of sunlight, and basically have been watering super super infrequently because of it's dessert-likeness. However, the existing leaves still seem to be pretty grumpy and limp. Any suggestions or help? Is it dead, or is it salvageable? Should we fertilize?<br><img><img><img><img><br>
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      PlntNrd It’s totally salvageable and I agree with the posts below. It’s in a pretty big pot for its size and, even though Dracaenas can be drought tolerant, they aren’t succulents and need to be watered when about 50-75% of the soil dries out, that’s what I do with mine. Just be careful with the type of water you use, because Dracaenas are fluoride intolerant and will have issues if you water with regular tap water that has fluoride. Start watering more often, but start slowly. Since it has been kind of starved for water, if you give it a huge drink right away it will end up damaging the leaves. The plant will take up way too much water than it’s used too and this could result in ruptured cells. Try giving it a small amount, let it dry, then give more each time you water, until you work up to the total amount you plan to give from now on. So, give it a drink, check it in about 5 days and then give more, check in 7 days, then give more volume, and so on until you get to the volume you want to give.
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      Erin Agree with Janine below - looks super thirsty, and I think it could be repotted into a smaller planter, depending on how large its root system is.
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      Janine G I was also thinking this... you say you water it very , very infrequently. I think this is the problem. It's not a succulent. I think you should give it a good watering and then let it go until the soil is dry about half way down. I think the problem is in the watering. I think it's thirsty.
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  • Sad Bird's Nest Fern
    Hello,<br><br>I'm having some troubles with my BNF. It looks like the leaves are actually doing quite fine from a color perspective. But from an energy level perspective, they're actually quite sad looking. I did think that I might have watered it too much, because its soil was wet for a few days, so I've extended the timeline of when I water it. For location reference, it's not directly near a window in my office, but it does have line of site to bright office light. I'm wondering if it might be too far though? Though how close to sunlight does it need to be? <br><img alt=""><br>How can I make my littl<img alt="">e fern happy again!?
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      abcactus Hi! I had similar issues with mine, I changed it's the environment and placed it somewhere with more light and gave it more water than I thought it would need. You might want to make sure that it's actually getting enough water to its roots throughout the pot. If the roots do not get enough water, they cannot transport cellulose throughout the leaves and can cause the leaves to sag. Cellulose is what typically keeps the plant looking perky. What is the texture of the leaves? They look a tad crunchy, and if this is so, it might be underwatered. Hope to hear back from you soon!
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      PlntNrd How much and how often did you water it? I don’t think that pot has a drainage hole, so it’s quite possible you severely overwatered it. These tolerate lower light conditions, but the lower the light, the less water is needed. I have mine in a room that’s fairly dark, no windows, just a skylight and a ceiling fan/lamp and it’s doing fine. You might want to check the soil to see if it’s wet down in the bottom of the pot. If there’s water that’s been sitting in the pot for awhile and the soil has been kept soggy, that will cause the roots to rot. The Sill does add a drainage layer of lava rocks, but if you put so much water that it went above that layer, and then watered again before needed, the drainage layer won’t help. It’s possible that you may need to repot it in fresh dry soil and kind of start over and, if you choose to repot, I would check the roots thoroughly to see if there is any rot issues.
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