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  • Money Tree Leaves Turning and Dropping!
    The past few weeks/months leaves on my money tree have quickly started turning yellow/brown and dropping. At first I thought it was just due to the winter and lack of long sunny days. But I am worried now that something else is going on, as more and more leaves are turning. <div>I water this guy once about every 2-3 weeks, when soil is dry a few inches down. All last year this plant was flourishing in this same spot in my apartment with the same watering schedule. </div><div>Any help would be appreciated!!</div>
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Caitlyn! It could be a combination of moisture stress or decreased light levels due to Winter. Especially if you don't allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings. I'd recommend removing dead/yellow plant material and holding off on waterings until the soil dries out. If you allow the soil to dry out and water the plant and it still yellows then it could be due to lack of light!
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      Caitlyn Jones Image of plant
  • Dry brown spot on arrow plant
    For the most part, my arrow plant has been doing well with a few new leaves uncurling recently. I first noticed a dry, brown spot on one smaller leaf (towards the bottom of the picture) a  week or so ago. I thought maybe it was getting too much direct sun, so I moved this guy from the window sill it was on to a bar cart about 15 ft from the window. Just today I noticed a similar spot developed on one of the larger leaves. Any thoughts on what this is from?? And how I can prevent more leaves from getting this? 
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      Pei how much and often do you water it, btw?
  • Concerning Stems
    This is showing up on a few of the stems on my ZZ Plant. Is this root rot, or from pests?? <br>Thanks!! 
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      Caitlyn Jones [291426,jenna] I still have the other bulb in a separate pot. The deterioration has definitely progressed on them, but the leaves have stayed green and none fell off. Even looks like a little bud trying to sprout. Not sure what the deal is with these stems
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      Caitlyn Jones [291426,jenna] Since I took out the worst looking bulb of stems and repotted, she has been doing really well! Even got 3 new sprouts working their way up.
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      jenna How is the plant now? It looks healthy overall, so I wouldn’t worry too much. It could be fungal, or just natural scarring. I’ve never thought about it before, but maybe water got trapped in between the old husk of the leaf and the stem? Hmmm. Either way, I’d just check to see if it’s getting worse. if not, don’t worry. your zz looks very happy.
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  • New Money Tree Not Thriving
    I just received this money tree from the sill about a week and a half ago. I re-potted from the plastic pot to this larger planter. I think there was a small amount of damage to the plant during shipment, but it has progressively gotten worse at home. Many of the leaves are starting to thin and turn a yellow/brown color. Most leaves are still soft, but a few have turned almost crunchy, like they are dried out. Probably 5-8 leaves have dropped off the plant as well. <br>I was intentionally trying not to over water, so I have only given it a small amount of water once after re-potting (Monday), and once over the weekend. I was concerned it wasn't getting enough direct light, so I have started setting it outside for a few hours a day, and I have moved its home to a window sill for more light (this sill has mostly indirect sunlight). <br><br>Any thoughts on what could be causing this leaf degeneration?<br><br>I can see some new buds sprouting from the stem that are still green, and I want them to survive!<br><br>Many thanks!<br><img alt="">
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      Pei Hi [294024,Caitlyn Jones] Plants don't like to be move constantly - they will need to reacclimate to a new spot every time and it's stressful to them. A few feet might not seem much a difference to you, but to plants are huge. Also do you live somewhere that's above 55F? If not, your plant might have cold damaged from when you put it outside.

      Overall, your plant looks super thirsty and suffer low humidity as well. I will suggest to put it in a bright-lit spot and let it settle in with proper care!
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      Caitlyn Jones Here is how the plant was received. Looks like some physical damage, but still completely green.
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