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  • What am I?
    My aunt had this very interesting plant in her home and she wasn't sure what it was.

    Any ideas?
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      Pei Wowwww... super cool!! Looks like a ZigZag cactus, AKA fishbone cactus to me. They need full sun btw!
  • Brown, thin, papery leaves!
    Help! Within 2 weeks, the leaves have begin to turn brown and almost as thin as tissue paper from the points in.

    A little bit of information — I received it as a gift 2 weeks ago and have watered it only once since then (maybe that's the problem) as I've read to water only when the soil feels slightly dry. It currently sits in low light and I have not repotted it.

    Any ideas on what's going on and how I can bring it back to good health?

    Thank you in advance!
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      Pei Hey Melanie, there are three different plants in this pot. Which one do you mean? The tall one? Did it feel mushy or dry to touch, btw?
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      Erin Hi Melanie! Browning leaves on a dracaena plant are usually an indication of overwatering. Is the potting mix wet right now? If so, could you move it to a spot where it will receive brighter light and see if that'll help the potting mix dry out quicker? Medium indirect should be fine. I'd also prune off any of the browning leaves to encourage new healthy growth.

      Is it also potted with an arrowhead plant and a pothos plant? Although arrangements of plants look great for gifts, I tend to recommend keeping different species separate when potted in containers. That way if there's an issue with one plant (whether root rot, pests, etc.) you can identify and address it easier.
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  • A gift from my grandma — what's this plant?
    Can anyone help identify? It's got what look like faded spots on its long leaves and reddish/purplish stems. I believe it might be low-light (but please correct me if I'm wrong).

    I received this plant from my grandmother recently and I'm planning on repotting it soon. I want to make sure to use the right soil and take good care of it so any advice would be helpful :)

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      Pei It's Ledebouria socialis [294771,Melanie]
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      Amy Burke It looks a bit like Silver squill, (Scilla violacea) sometimes called Leopard plant. I just picked one up and so far so good!
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      Melanie Here's another picture of the leaves :)
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