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  • What type of plant is this?
    I’m getting a cat and I want to make sure this plant won’t be poisonous to him. It was a gift so I don’t know what type it is. Please help! 
  • My plant is turning pink!
    Hi fam! So my plant was incredibly healthy and growing, but recently the stem has turned pink (and at a rapid pace). I tried re-potting it thinking that perhaps the roots were wet and molding but there hasn't seemed to be a change yet. Any advice on how to keep my friend alive?<br>Thank you!
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      PlntNrd How often are you watering it and how much light is it getting?When succulents turn colors, like red or pink, it’s a response to stress. Stress can be from a lot of, or too little, light, very little water, or change in environment. I don’t think yours has to do with too much light, it’s actually looks very etiolated, which means it’s not getting enough light. So the next thing to look at is are you underwatering it (which is fine to do) or had there been a drastic change is it’s environment. I stress my succulents with too much light and lack of water to get specific colors, so it’s not necessarily bad or harmful. The one thing I would to is get more light for it somehow. It should have 6-8hrs of fulls in a day. With most succulents, you should not be able to see the stem and, for sure, if you can touch the stem with your finger, it’s too etiolated. The leaves should be stacked on top of each other tightly. There are a few kinds that do have a growth pattern that is long and stretches, but there isn’t that much space between the leaves.
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      Pei It looks healthy to me! How much sun does it get by the way? Plants would change its color if it's getting too much/too little light. Another thing would be watering issue, but if you already examine the roots and all look fine, i think it's the sun :)
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      Erin It looks happy and healthy to me! If it was root rot, the stem would be mushy, but it looks pretty stable in the photo. The pink color could be attributed to new growth or more light - both good things :)