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  • Calathea pinstripe lighting question
    I have a question about Calathea pinstripe care, as I've been considering one but want to make sure the conditions are right.
    My office has floor-to-ceiling windows along the entire SW side, so lots of light, but my desk is about 9 feet from the windows. Assuming that I keep the plant on my desk, do you think that's enough light for it?
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      PlntNrd Do you have a lot of fluorescent lights in your office, as well? There are many offices that have zero windows, but plenty of overhead fluorescents, which is fine for lots of plants. Calatheas actually are totally fine with medium-low ( not super low) light. If they get too much light, in fact, their color will fade. I have mine in a lower light situation and it doesn’t put leaves out as fast as my others in brighter light, but it’s totally happy and healthy, and my situation is probably a lower light level than your office.
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      Erin It sounds like it should be!
  • question about transporting my pothos - will the vines break?
    Hey all. I want to transport my pothos - it's in a closed pot at my office and I want to transport the plant (in an open box, probably on a bus or in a cab) back to my house to put it in the new pot. Then I'll take it back.

    My question: it's started to grow some really nice vines. They're not overly long, but by transporting them do I run the risk of breaking them off?

    It's doing pretty good in the closed pot, I just really prefer something with drainage and have already bought a new pot for it.

    Worth the risk?
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      Pei Pothos are very resilient. I doubt it will break off, but if it does, it will put out new growths!
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      Erin Agreed with PlntNrd - they're pretty resilient plants so you should be OK! And you can propagate any stems that do break off :)
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      PlntNrd In my experience, pothos have pretty thick sturdy vines. I think, if you’re careful, you should be just fine. My pothos is one of my sturdier plants. Water it a day or two before you transport and you should be good.
  • is there mold on my alocasia leaf?
    Hello out there - 

    I know Alocasia love humidity, so I bought a mini humidifier and was using it daily on the play for about 5 days. Suddenly a leaf developed the markings above. I'm concerned it's fungus or mold - what do people think? And what should I do, if anything?
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      Pei That looks like either leaf fungal infection or overwater! How close do you place your humidifier to the plant? Too close would let the water droplets accumulates on the leaves which would cause leaf fungal infection. Another possibility is you have overwatered your plant and it showed the symptom now (not because of the humidifier). How much and how often do you water it?
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      Stephiem3 I have something similar going on with my bird of paradise. I wish I knew what it was :/
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  • what kind of plant am I?
    This plant is in my office. I can tell the maintenance guys overwater it. It was looking pretty grim until I fertilized it at the same time I was fertilizing my desk plants - it perked up and now it looks a lot better. What is it? Maybe I can take care of it on the sly.
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      Nicole It looks to me like it could be a peace lily. I attached a picture of mine for comparison.
  • what's eating this pothos?
    I posted pics of my bitten-up Alocasia leaves yesterday (which stands next to this pothos) and it was suggested spider mites. I didn't see webs, but I treated with alcohol and removed two leafs anyway.

    Today, I took a closer look at my pothos and discovered that many leaves have similar bites. I see no webbing but I sprayed the underside with alcohol anyway.

    Does anyone have any alternate theories as to what could be eating this plant? Should I keep treating with alcohol or something else?
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      Erin Hi Sheila! I'm not certain these are bite marks from pests - especially if your plant is kept indoors year round, and you don't see any other symptoms of common houseplant pests, like webbing and/or white mildew. It's possible these are minor leaf deformities and just normal imperfections. Can you post a photo of the entire plant? That would be helpful!
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  • some of my Alocasia's leaves are a little beat up, is that OK?
    hey all! I got this 4-5 inch Alocasia Polly from the Sill about 3 months ago, I love her. I noticed when I got her that some of her leaves are a bit beat up, little tears and holes here and there - she came that way so it's nothing I've done.

    Is this OK? Anything I should be aware of or do? I've just started fertilizing. Maybe this is just the way the plant is. I just wanted to check and make sure it's healthy.
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      PlntNrd If you don’t find any evidence of mites, it’s probably just mechanical damage. You did say that the tears and holes were present when you received this plant, right? So, to me, that makes me think that it was most likely due to shipping damage. The tears/holes obviously won’t repair themselves or close up, but they will heal. One thing you might want to think about is humidity levels around this plant. Alocasia’s like lots of humidity and the tears and holes could get worse (and more can appear) with a lack of humidity.
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      Sheila Ack! If I find out rhat it is spider mites (when I check out the plant at the office tomorrow) should I remove the damaged leaves after treating it?
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      Pei I suspect it's the spider mites. Do you see any "fine" webbings on the front and back of leaves?
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  • received stem/leaf with new plant - will it grow if planted?
    Hey everyone,

    I got a new neon pothos from the Sill. There were a few "stems" in there - appeared to be cut stems with leaves on top that were not rooted and falling out. Not attached to a root at all. I put these back into the soil and packed them in. My question - will they grow roots and become part of the plant? Or eventually die? Seems like the plant had a rough delivery... Sorry I don't have a pick; I don't want to un-plant them. (There were no nodes on these stems).
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      Pei Hey Sheila, do you have a photo?