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  • What are you actually supposed to do with dying leaves when you overwater?
    I overwatered my Alocasi 'polly' during the heatwave this weekend.

    It's shedding one of it's larger leaves that was actually already a bit damaged when I got it. Literally it's dripping water from the edge of the damaged leaf where it's rotting :( :(

    I'm resting the alocasia on a microfiber towel hoping to pull some of the excess water out of the soil. 

    Should I cut this leaf away or wait for it to die completely. It's a pretty large stem so am worried that will traumatize the plant more. 

    Thanks in advance!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi [295710,Colin Hart] ! Considering the yellowed leaf will only deteriorate overtime I would recommend simply removing this from the plant by pruning the stem close to the soil. Other than that the rest of your plant seems to be doing well! Just make sure it gets plenty of bright indirect light and you water when the soil has dried out completely :)
  • Draecana 'tarazan' leaning crown
    Hi! New here so thanks in advance for any help :)

    I have a draecana 'tarzan' that's been doing quite well. However, I just noticed that with all the new growth at the top the crown is folded and leaning at an almost 90° angle.

    Worried it's close to snapping. I assume my options are either staking or pruning the crown but not sure what the best option is and if there are any trade-offs.

    Also wondering if anyone has tips on how and where to prune the crown if that is the way to go