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  • Flapjack Paddle Plant Help
    Hello! I got this flapjack paddle plant about 2 months ago and it has been developing spots which turn brown and then shrivel up. I have it in a south facing window with bright light, and water sparingly about every 1.5 weeks. No visible signs of pests, and in well-draining soil and pot. Any thoughts? 
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      Pei agreed with [288486,PlntNrd] ! I would also put it closer to the window. It looks pretty far from it....
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      PlntNrd It could be edema or corking. Even though you feel that water it sparingly, and only every 1.5 weeks, that could still be too much. I only water my succulents every 3 weeks. Depending on your environment, it may just not need that much water. Try waiting until you see the leaves actually get wrinkled before you water again next and see how that takes.