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  • New Pilia babies!
    So much new growth from my pilia 
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      PlntNrd Oh, congrats! It’s so exciting, right?!? Mine gave me one, and then another, and then suddenly there was four!! It was so exciting, every week there was a new one, to my surprise, so I’m sure you’re super excited right now too. Do you know if you’re going to separate them eventually or let them be?
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      Pei 😍😍😍! Pilea is famous for growing very fast that people often give the pups/cuttings to loved ones. Hence their nickname is friendship plant!
  • Neon philodendron
    is this normal for the leaves of my neon philodendron?
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      Pei My philodendron has the same issue. I assume it's from irregular watering scheule OR natural aging process ( as long as it's still healthy overall and putting out new growths)!
  • Propagating Monstera
    This is my first time propagating a plant! Does this look okay? My Monstera has a few little roots popping off and it’s been in there for about a month now. When should I re-pot it? Thanks! 
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      Pei I would give it a few more weeks before you transplant it. Just be careful though not to overwater it. Plants develop different root hairs when in a different medium.
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      Sarah When I'm propagating my monstera in water I leave it in for about two months. Try giving it a little more time!
  • Chinese money plant
    Is it normal for my Chinese money plant leaves to turn yellow/brown and fall off? Some fall off on their own and others I pluck off. 
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      Erin Looks like normal shedding to me! Especially if the leaves that are yellowing and falling off are larger and more mature, vs new growth.
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      Sarah It's normal to have a yellow or brown leaf every now and then - especially if they're bottom leaves. If they are younger leaves that generally means you're overwatering!

      Pilea likes to dry out between waterings so make sure you're not keeping it too wet!