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  • Gardenia yellowing
    Hi guys
    I recently purchased a gardenia plant. When I bought it home it was beautiful and green with many buds on it. I repotted it and since then the leaves have started turning yellow and shriveling up. I thought maybe it was in need of water. But I tried that and no change. I don't want to over water it . I thought maybe it was the pH in the soil but I'm not sure I need help .
    Please help
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      Plants_Armstrong I'd agree that from all I have read, it can be a challenge to keep gardenia's indoors. I recently got a small one and some of the leaves yellowed and dropped off. We aren't necessarily in the same situation, but here are the things I did:

      _Mine was badly in need of repotting, so I did that first
      _I started misting it daily to help with the humidity
      _I bought a solution that drops the pH of my water a bit, as I've read they really prefer acidic soil - brings my water pH down from 7 to closer to 6

      Most of this all started about a week ago, so probably too early to tell if it's helping, but so far I've seen no new yellow leaves.
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      Pei Gardenia is not an easy plant when you have it indoor tbh. I would suggest to raise the humidity and fertilizing it one that has iron chelete. Gardenias is easy to have chlorosis, which is what causes the yellowing leaves. Another possiblity can be you are not giving it enough water or you need to up the water frequency. It realy depends on how you care for it and how much sun it gets.