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  • Croton help
    I bought a croton from the UWS store this winter and almost the whole thing is dead. What are the secrets to success with a croton? Note: I water when the soil is dry, medium sunlight and I even bought a mini humidifier to keep it extra humid. 
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      MALINDA Crotons canbe very particular indoors. I have 8, and they are a handful. The fact that you Croton has lost the to leaves indicates spider mites. Crotons are extremely discretion to them, and spider mites are generally too small to see. Often, your only indication is while and the loss of the newest leaves.

      You can spray your Croton with insecticidal soap and we the leaves. Keep it humid and well-watered. After it starts to recover, you can move it to a sunnier spot with good humidity. They like a LOT of light.

      Best of luck!
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      Pei Do you have a photo? Like how did it died, was it brow dry leaves, or black mush leaves?
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  • What is this?
    I bought this plant about 6 months ago and have no idea what it is. When I got it, it was much fuller and had some pink flowers. Would love to know what is is so I can work on caring for it better!
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      Pei it's a cyclamen (Herbaceous, perennial plant) flowering plant. These are usually best to live outdoor vs indoor tbh!
  • Snake plant grows sideways instead of up
    My snake plant seems to want to grow out instead of up.  It seems like the oldest part in the center is the main cult. How can I train it to grow straight up?
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      Erin What a beauty! Definitely think it could use a larger pot if you have!

      Also because the snake plant is level with the window, its light source, it might be growing wide + leaning that way. I'd try removing the stand to see if you can train it to grow up towards the window.
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      Pei Hi [290452,Sarah], it means your plant does not have enough space to grow in the soil. When is the last time you repot?
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      Sarah Here’s another pic from farther away.
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