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  • Free plant
    Long story short, haven’t been able to give it the attention it deserves and hoping someone would like to adopt. Pot and stand not included.<br><br><span>Located in the haight. Message me if interested. </span><a target="" rel="">4154639286</a>
  • Calathea leaves closing up?
    Hey everyone,<br><br>I'm a complete newbie to this website and to proper plant care. Honestly, I can't even remember exactly which type of Calathea this. I was hoping people could help diagnose my plant though, it seems like it needs help.<br><br>The leaves seem to be closing up, which I thought could just be a sign of lack of light? However, it's pretty close to the window, which doesn't get direct sunlight. <br><br>I spray the leaves pretty consistently with water (every 3-4 days) and pour water into the pot every 5-6 days. <br><br>Based on this photo, are there any clear signs of what I might be doing wrong?<br><br>Cheers,<br>Matt
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      Nicole Hi [296806,Matt Bourke] -I use one of those watering bulbs for my Calathea, and it looks great! It just takes the water it needs- never thirsty. I recently re-potted it and the roots looked healthy despite my concern that the soil was constantly moist.
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      Pei hi [291028,Matt] it looks like your calathea is SUPER thirsty. How much water do you give it every time? A good rule of thumb with calathea care is to make sure the soil is consistently moist (not wet) to touch.
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