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  • Type of Begonia?
    Hi, I just found this begonia but I don't know it's name or how to care for it properly. Any care tips or identification guesses would be great! :) 
  • Baby jade succulent
    Hi how can I help this poor plant? It looks like it's thirsty but I've been giving it good amount of water. It also has some white spots on it. I don't know what these spots are. Help!!
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      Erin Is it possible to get a close up photo of the white spots? They could be mealy bugs which might be the cause of it's unhappiness -

      Overall it looks OK from the photo you shared though! It's definitely wrinkly but you mentioned you've been watering it thoroughly so I'd be cautious about watering it more. For now, I'd recommend pruning off any dying foliage and letting the potting mix dry out completely in bright direct light.
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  • Dino/ resurrection plant
    Hi everyone!
    I'm thinking of buying a dino plant but the care for one isn't really listed anywhere extensively. If you have one, can you give me tips of caring for one and how to pot it?
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      Pei I have one too - and I highly recommed you getting one! It's SO fun to watch it open and close :D
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      Erin Hey Sadni! These guys are kinda funny - they don't require potting mix or a planter! I keep mine at home in a little saucer of water (room-temperature, filtered water) in bright light when it's 'resurrected', and mist it often; and then when it's dormant, I just keep it dry and out of natural light. I let it be active for a month or two, then dormant for a month, then active again...
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