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  • Monstera help
    My plant has been through it all. It got shipped to me during the polar vortex, overwatering, big infestation, transplanted, root rot, and leaf trimming. This is all that is left. I got rid of the stems that had root rot and got rid of the bugs with a natural organic insecticide. I have been going easy on the watering and giving it indirect sunlight. No new leaves have formed (since February) and the original ones are beginning to curl. I need some help as I am a beginner wish plants. Are there any recommendations or tips on what to do? I have read that the stems need to be supported, reason for the paperclips, but I don’t if I am just keeping this plant alive or if I can grow from this point to be something to marvel. Please help! Thank you. 
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      Pei Looks like it’s very thirsty! How often and how much water does it get?

      Another thing I’d is the planter is too big for the size of the plant now. You should downsize it to a 6” (diameter). When the soil is more than the plants root size, it tends to hold on to water longer than it can drink up. It often ends up rotting the roots!
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