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  • Brown spot on Philodendron Pink Princess
    Hi Everyone,
    My Philodendron Pink Princess has a spot on it that started a couple of weeks ago. First, the Pink started fading, then then spot started as a yellowing patch. Now, it's progressed to brown. I'm wondering if it's:
    1. Sunburn - due to trying to find it a spot with burgh light and no direct sun
    2. Lack of humidity - it was by a humidifier at first, but not when I started looking for a spot with suitable light
    3. The fallout from a mealy bug infestation that I'm currently annihilating
    4. Watering stress? - it's still in it's nursery pot in a well draining mix. I water when the top two inches are dry.

    I've had the plant for about six weeks, and it's given me towo new leaves during that time.

    I welcome any thoughts, as I can't just run out to the garden center and pick up another one of these babies
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      MALINDA Thanks, Janine! I agree it looks sunburned. The grower says it needs bright indirect light. Bright, because the pink parts don't photosynthesize, and indirect, because they get burned in direct sunlight. I think I'll experiment with putting up more screens.

      I'll also let it dry out a bit, and see how it responds...
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      Janine G I wouldn't think this would need bright sun or bright light. I am no expert, mind you. I think Philodendrons do well in any light but I would not have it near sun. I think it is burned. I wouldn't water it too often. If it's moist now just let it go for a little. I water mine maybe every 2 weeks. Mine are in a North facing window behind a sheer curtain. Maybe this pink and white one needs more light? Again, I am no expert but I thought all Philodendrons were okay in lower light. Plants are little brats sometimes. If you have gotten some new leaves, you are doing something right. Just back off of the bright sun.