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  • Snake plant died SOS
    <span>So I got her two months ago and she was good until last week (not sure what happened). Then she lost two out of three leaves and the roots also broke off. I was able to save the strongest leave that had a stump to it and trying to revive it. Is there anything I can do for her? Pls help I literally don’t know what to do. I love them so much but I am not good with plants.</span>
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      Kahlia Shearer Similar things happened to mine! I thought snake plants were supposed to be easy but it's the only plant i've had trouble with! I think it might be root rot
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      Pei Do Do you have photos? Sounded like it was overwater to me.
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      Maureen Did the pot have good drainage? Does it seem "soggy"? I had a sweet little snake plant that died, and I'm pretty sure it got root rot from not enough drainage. It lost a few leaves at first, and then the whole thing died. :( I hope you can save yours!