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  • Asparagus Fern Help
    Hi! I got this asparagus fern a couple months back and within the past two months I’ve been seeing brown and brittle parts on it. And it’s getting worse! I tried watering less and changing up his spot, but would love to get some educated thought on what’s happening with him. The internet says if it’s yellowing he needs more light but browning means overwatering? When I got it I was told to keep the dirt moist, and I live in Denver so it’s super dry here. And I can’t figure out how to upload a photo. Help!0XK0t7sLxxdL36YgLnmAZb8nw
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      Erin Hi Shae! These fellas are humidity lovers! If you have a humidifier you could place by it, that should help, or you could try a pebble tray and/or glass terrarium top. I've never had much luck with them because my NYC apartment is super dry.
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      Pei Asparagus is actually not a true fern, (nor asparagus). They are tropical perennial. In order to thrive, keep it at a brightly lit environment, but no direct sun should touch it. Because of how fine the leaves are, you don't want to burn the foliages. The leaves usually turn yellow when the environment is dry too. I would suggest investing a humidifier to provide the high humidity they need. If not, it's quite normal for them to yellow like that, unfortunately.
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      Shae Attached an image from desktop!