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  • Propagating a monstera
    Hi all. New here. <br><br>I’m trying to propagate this Monstera leaf. It had a shoot off of it which is obviously in the soil now. This leaf isn’t great. 1-will it actually propagate this way and 2- should I cut this leaf off or leave it. If you cut them do they regrow? New to a monstera - TIA XX<br>
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      Sarah It should propagate this way with the size of that stem. I'd try propagating in water - I usually have better luck with Monsteras with water propagation!
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      Kelly I think so... it had like a white shooting thing coming out the stem lol
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      Pei [299800,Kelly] Does it have roots already? If it's just a stem cutting it won't live actually. Usually, you want to leave the leaf as it is if the root system has established.
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