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  • Fiddle Leaf Fig Drying Out? HELP!
    <span>Brought this beautiful tree home on Monday and since then, the leaves on the stalk are starting to crinkle and discolor, which I’m assuming is because of a lack of water :( I’ve watered it twice and the leaves are no longer drooping. None have dropped. Also have noticed it might be root bound considering the circling roots at the top of the planter that appear drying and brittle? TIPS PLEASE! Do not want to see one of the stalks drop all of its leaves. Thanks!!! 🌿🌿🌿</span>
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      Pei Fiddle leaf Fig is naturally very finicky. They are not the best beginner plants unfortunately! Your fiddle looks very thirsty from the photo. How much and how often do you water?

      The key to a thriving fiddle is 1) lots of sunlight - place it right by the window silll and it should receive at least 4-5 hours of direct sun. 2) consistency is very importantant with these guys - meaning the temperature, water, the