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  • Pilea problems
    Hi, my twin pileas sharing a pot seem to be struggling. They are losing leaves. Each fallen leaf will turn slightly yellow and then drop. They do seem to have some new ones sprouting. <br><br>- It was potted and purchased about two weeks ago. <br>- I’ve been watering it lightly about once a week. (Maybe over watering?)<br>- It’s in a spot that gets a medium amount of light<br><br><br>
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      Katie Sometimes plants will drop a couple leaves after being purchased as they adjust to their new surroundings. My pilea started dropping its lower leaves in the same way after I had it for almost a year and I put it in a larger pot and it stopped. So if your plant doesn't stop dropping leaves after a month, it may need a larger pot :)
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      Pei Does the pot has drainage hole?