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  • Yellowing Monstera
    Just a few of my Monstera leaves are turning yellow. I recently changed the soil, have been careful about watering and tried to give it some plant food. It’s been about 2 weeks without improvement! Help!
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      Pei Do not give plant food when a plant is struggling! Fertilizer only works when a plant is healthy and happy. Think of it as a vitamin versus a medication. And [289177,Selena S] is right about do not use fertilizer after you repot a plant. you will run the risk of burning the roots.

      How much water and sun does it get btw?
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      Selena S I'm not sure if this is the answer but I've read that when you repot in new soil, you shouldn't add any fertilizer/plant food for at least a few months because the new soil already has enough nutrients.

      Another theory: I repotted my Monstera recently and did not add fertilizer and some of my leaves also turned yellow at the bottom - I suspect it could have been transplantation shock or maybe I wasn't gently enough with the roots during the repotting processes. After 1.5 months no new leaves turned yellow and I think it's stabilizing from the transplant shock.

      Since it looks like its just the bottom leaves turning yellow, I think I would just try to water normally, give it good light, not add any fertilizer since its in new soil, and see if it improves. I think yellowing newer leaves/bigger leaves would be more cause for concern
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