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  • Ivy help!
    I bought this ivy online and it came in a small nursery pot healthy. I left it in the nursery pot for about 2 weeks to acclimate. It started to wilt shortly after getting her. I monitored my watering cause it looked to me like it was a watering issue. Then I decided to repot it to a 4" pot and check for any root rot, nothing bad there. It's been another week and no signs of change. It also only has one brown leaf and isn't getting worse but isn't getting better. I'm a little stumped. I've also checked for pests and haven't seen anything of concern there. Could this be a light or humidity issue?
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      Pei Agreed with [278933,Erin]! Ivy requires indirect bright light (a few hours of direct sun will do too!). How much water do you give it each time, btw?
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      Erin Hi Stephanie! How much light is it receiving? I've found most ivies to require brighter light then you'd think when grown indoors.