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    How do I save this plant!! I was misting it lightly every morning, I stopped 3 weeks ago. I haven’t killed a plant yet, is there hope for me?! 

    -The New Plant Mom
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      Pei Hi, that's a fungus infection from the mistings. I suggest to remove those leaves immediately. Also just so you know misting a plant won't help the plant - plants drink water by their roots and it's in the soil :)
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      PlntNrd How often are you watering and is there a hole in the bottom? I’m thinking Janine might be correct in thinking a fungus could be present, but I’m also concerned that there isn’t a drainage hole and this may be overwatered and suffering from root rot.
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      Janine G What kind of plant is that? I wouldn't mist it. That looks like some sort of leaf fungus? How often are you watering? Are there holes in the bottom of that pot? How long have you had this... a long time and it's suddenly unhappy or is this a new plant ?
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