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  • Help! Unknown plant dying at my touch
    Inherited this plant from my brother when he left NYC. I don’t know what it is, but it sure is not happy! I’m not sure if I’m over or under watering it and when I moved it from a sunny spot to a shady spot, a lot of it’s leaves have turned yellow & I’ve had to remove them. What’s equally confusing is it has three new shoots 🤔
    Anyone have any ideas? I think it may be in the palm family due to it having a ‘palm-like’ trunk
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      PlntNrd So, I’m agreeing that it looks like a dieffenbachia. Unfortunately, I am not the one to help with this issue. I have like 400 plants (for the most part healthy happy plants) and I can not figure these guys out. I have 3 dieffs and no matter how much or how little I water they just keep yellowing and losing leaves. Well, I’ve actually figured out my 3” dieffenbachia (I think, ugh jeez I hope!). I have been watering the little one every 3-4 days or so and that one hasn’t yellowed or lost a leaf in months (yay!) now the other two are 6” and they are killing me!!! I can’t figure them out and it’s driving me crazy. I tried watering a lot, I tried watering a little. No matter what I do, leaves yellow constantly. Hopefully, someone here will have some good advice/input and experience to help us both. Idk about yours, but mine are in a fast draining mix, pot with drainage hole, no bugs, in a dry brightly lit room (actually, the small one is getting low light... hmm, idk if that’s something.) I hope you (and I) can figure this out. If anyone knows, please let us know what we’re doing wrong! Good luck with yours, sorry I could only commiserate instead of help.
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      Meg Ok so I think it’s a dumbcane, but I will leave this post up in case anyone else also wanted to know!
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      Meg More photos!
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