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  • Marble Pothos
    Help! I just received this in the mail and the leaves were slightly turning brown. I added a very tiny amount of water, but the leaves have browned even more and I now have one yellow leaf. Advice?
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      Erin Hi Robin! I'd remove any of the leaves that are super discolored and limp to help encourage new, healthy growth.

      If you stick your finger down into the potting mix- is it wet or dry?
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      Janine G A yellow leaf just happens sometimes. They yellow and die off. Is it moist or dry in the soil ? If it's crispy on the edges, I think it's too dry. I water mine about every 2 weeks. Is that a pot from the Sill? I like pots with holes. I soak and then let it go. If that soil is not moist, I say water it and then let it go for a week or so. Keep it out of bright light. Give it a light through a sheer curtain or keep it out of direct light . I was stupid enough to order all my plants during the POLAR VORTEX this winter. What was I thinking!!!?? Most of them died. They were like squishy black blobs when I got them but The Sill was nice enough to give me some credit .

      Water it good. If you have to, put your hand over the soil part and turn it upside down to drain any standing water. I swear by talking to the plant, tell it it's going to be okay... it just had a rough time through shipping. Pothos are really hardy. I think it will bounce back. You could snip off the brown edges and then keep a good eye on it. I think they are strong enough that you could go on an extended vacation and not even worry about it. It just needs a little TLC right now.