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  • Corn plant
    Hello, I’ve been struggling with my corn plant, I did overwater him I think but now every time I water him (2 weeks) he doesn’t look great. Hes in a corner of a room that gets a lot of light but no direct sun.
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      Paris Lalicata Hi [305279,Michelle M]! How far away is the plant from the light source? It seems like the plant may be declining due to low light levels. I would recommend downloading a free light meter app on your phone and measure the intensity of light hitting the plants leaf surface. This way you'll know what kind of light the plant is actually receiving in that part of the room. Anything below 50 foot candles is too low to support plant growth, and you'll notice the closer to the light source the higher the reading (and the happier the plant) will be!
  • Yellow leaf
    Hello! My little plant here has given a yellow leaf every time I water it...then I try to go for 3-4 weeks watering but then that gives off yellow leaves too, help! He is currently in a corner of my bedroom that gets modest sun, but the window is a bit away. 
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      Amy Hi Michelle! I'd try watering from the bottom and also aerating the soil with a chopstick! - (:
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      Pei Hi [305279,Michelle Mckinnon] for Monstera, I'd suggest to put it in a brighter locations. It's actually consider low light if the plant is more then 3-5 feet away from the window (light source).
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