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  • Transfer this Fiddle?
    Should I transfer her? She has definitely grown since I got her and I’m afraid to disrupt things since I haven’t had luck with Fiddles in the past. Thanks in advance 😊
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      Pei What a beauty 😍😍😍!

      When was the last time you repot it? I would definitely repot if it's been more than 1 year. Also it might get top heavy and the plant will topple over easily.
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  • Transfer to bigger pot?
    Is it time to transfer this girl? If so, what size pot? Thank you in advance. 
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      Pei It looks like the snake plant is still in the nursery pot and sitting in the white ceramic pot?
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  • Stagnant Rubber tree plant
    This plant has had the same leaves and the “shoot” in the center for MONTHS! It hasn’t grown or shed any leaves. I moved it about 2 months ago to a window that gets a little more sun, but nothing has changed. Should I fertilize? Thanks in advance for your suggestions. 😊
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      Pei I agreed with [286271,Paris Lalicata]. It's definitely an light issue. Ficus loves bright light - 4-5 hours of direct sun would be best. In addition, variegated plants will need even more energy (light) to put out new growths/maintain the variegation. Hope this helps :-)
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      Paris Lalicata Hi [305302,Patti]! I personally have had the same experience with Ficus elastica in the past and found that ultimately like most plants- it's all about the light! The new growth has most likely been in limbo either because it's not getting enough light or enough water (if light levels are sufficient). I can already tell by the drooping petioles that the plant is ready for a drink! If you're having a hard time understanding the intensity of light in your home you can always download a free light meter app on your phone to measure. Anything below 50 foot candles will be too low to support plant growth- and a mature Ficus of this size should get anywhere between 130-250+ foot candles. Keep in mind that you'll receive different readings at different times of the day based on the location of the sun and the intensity of it. As long as the plant receives plenty of bright indirect light and water as soon as the soil has dried out the new growth should start to unfurl within a few weeks!
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  • Weeping Philodendron 😢
    Help! I’ve had this beauty for about 2-3 months and recently the bottom leaves are dropping and slightly yellowish-brown. Do I trim them off? I read that if you overwater the plant the leaves will droop, is that true? Right now the plant is pretty dry I’m afraid to water it. The plant is facing a NW facing window so it gets afternoon sun. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance. 
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      Paris Lalicata Hi again [305302,Patti]! Plants are often overgrown in the plastic nursery container they come in, therefor once the plant has acclimated into the home it's best to re-pot into a planter that is 1-2 inches larger. This ensures plenty of room for new growth- whereas if the plant is in a container that's too small for too long the foliage can gradually die back and that may be what's happening here. Moving forward I would transfer the plant into a slightly larger, more semi-permanent home and remove any dead plant material to enhance the appearance. As long as you give it plenty of bright indirect light and allow the soil to dry out between waterings this guy should bounce back in no time :)