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  • Hoya Kerri Stem Problems...??
    Hi all!<br>Ive been noticing the top stem of my hoya kerri yellowing and thinning out. there is also some white stuff at the top. i was hoping someone here knew what could possibly be happening and give advice on whether or not i should cut the unhealthy looking part off. thank you and hope to hear from you all soon!<br>-ally
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      Paris Lalicata Hi [305305,Ally] ! Do you see any pests on the plant, like spider mites or mealy bugs? At times when these pests invade our plants they not only harm the foliage, but can stunt the growth of the plant as well. If not, it could be an indication of moisture stress, either over or under watering. It would be great to know how often you water and what kind of light the plant is receiving!
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      Amy This looks to me that it needs water! The leaves are somewhat puckered and the stem is drying off. The white stuff is just a normal part of where the node is.
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