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  • Monstera - Aerial Roots
    My Monstera is growing aerial roots- is it best to remove them or what do I do?
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Jessica! Aerial roots are commonly found on Epiphytes (plants that grow on the body of other plants or supports) and help the plant cling to these hosts and can even help absorb moisture in the air. Since the Monstera deliciosa is an epiphyte in the wild- indoors their aerial roots can insert themselves into the soil for more support, or climb up fixtures. Training your Monstera to climb up a damp sphagnum moss pole can help encourage the plant to grow faster and larger as this is how they grow in their native habitat! This will also help give the plant more support as it grows and overtime the aerial roots will start climbing up it. Therefor these are a natural characteristic of the plant so they shouldn't be removed :)