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  • Orchid plant
    Hello plant enthusiasts and experts,
    i have a beautiful orchid plant that I have loved and cared for and it’s been re-blooming every year since I bought it a few years ago. This year, like always it did grow new stems and buds but the buds didn’t bloom. I see it is growing a new leaf right now. FYI I live in San Francisco, and keep my orchid indoors and it does get morning sun through the closed windows. I feel the top soil every time before I water it. What else... I have some miss on top soil to keep it moist
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      Pei looking at the photo, i suspect you underwater it. It looks very dry to me. In addition, I will definitely move it closer to the window (light source). For plants to rebloom, other than temperature control, light is definitely the deciding factor. Indoor environment often looks to human's naked eyes, but it's actually considered low light for plants, unfortunately.
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Katie! Considering you've had this orchid for some time- is there something that you changed within its care routine recently? Have you moved it around changing the light levels, or amped or decreased the waterings?